Successful Employee Onboarding

Un forte processo di onboarding si traduce in dipendenti molto più felici.

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Starting a new job is a big deal. The new hire, after the trials of interviewing, has made the decision to hitch their trailer to your company. So they need to know that the feeling’s mutual, and that you are partners. This is done through onboarding. Good onboarding goes well beyond a W-4 and company history spiel. It involves creating a connection, which we’ll teach in this series, starting with why it matters.
Have you ever started a new job, and perhaps you weren’t sure where to go, or who to check in with? Maybe your computer wasn’t ready, your login didn’t work, or there was nothing planned for your first lunch? Don’t be that employer! Learn in this course how to be prepared for your new hires, and how to prepare them. Their appreciation will come back to you in many ways, for many days!
The first week is critical. Your new hire will be taking it all in, forming their opinions, and deciding where (and if) they fit in the company puzzle. Here, we go through the key steps to ensuring a warm welcome and smooth transition – from newbie to part of the team!
All aboard the onboarding train! You’ve prepared for the new hire’s arrival, welcomed them warmly, and guided them through their first week. But you’ve not arrived yet; days 30 to 90 are a critical stretch. Here, we map this treacherous terrain. We explore why people leave, and ways to make them want to stay, so that they’re “on board” for a nice, lengthy journey!


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