Presentation Skills

Welcome to our new training series on Presentation, This series focuses on the Skills that are must required when you are doing a presentation.


Now we’re ready to organize our materials into a presentation.

According to Lawrence J Peter, “if we don’t know where we’re going, any road will do.” So, how do we know where we’re going? We need to ask questions before our presentations to make sure we’re on target.

A good opening is all about getting off on the right foot. What are the goals of your opening? What types of openings are there? Watch this course to learn the answers to these questions and more.

The last thing we need to do in creating a presentation is close it! How do you finish a presentation the right way? Watch this course to learn how!

Welcome to our third set of programs involving Presentation Techniques. In this course we’ll discuss how to make a point in your presentation, whether it’s a single point or a group of points.

So, you’ve got to present on the most boring topic ever? How do you punch up your presentation to make it more engaging? Learn here!

Welcome to our second group of programs. In this series we’ll be focusing on designing your presentation materials. This course discusses the overall design of slides.

The final thing we need to consider for creating your presentation are your handouts. People will forget 50% of what you have told them by the time your presentation is over. Watch this course to learn what to include in your handouts so they remember more.

Our next course in the Presentation Technique series is about how to use audio visuals. In this course we’ll discuss the different types of audio visuals and what you need to consider before you use them.

Now that we’ve finished discussing the content of your presentation, we can move on to actually making the presentation. This course will cover what you should do right before your presentation begins.

In a previous program we talked about public speaking is one of many peoples’ biggest fears. It can be terrifying to speak in front of so many people. How do you psych yourself up but not out? Watch this program to learn more.

Another part of your presentation that you need to develop a strategy for is the Q & A session. Watch this course to help you learn how to answer questions that come up during a presentation.

In previous programs we’ve talked about how to minimize distractions caused by technology. But what if the distractions are coming from your audience? Learn how to handle these types of distractions here.

Hooray! Your presentation is finished! You’re done, right? Not so fast. Watch this program to learn what you should do once your presentation is finished.


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